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It is quite possible that the next time we visit, we'll be staying the night.  That will be a momentous occasion, I'll try not to jinx it (it's two weeks away).

Week 9 saw the deck closer to completion. 
The upstairs bathroom is 98% complete.
The kitchen is pretty close. 
The downstairs bath is started. 
The floor is mostly in! Looks great, we were not 100% sure about the look of the Cork Floor we bought, it has a much larger grain than we expected. But, it settles into the space nicely and the panel seams disappear well.

We still haven't nailed down an under-bench light solution, so currently it is run to junction boxes.

Week 8 - Building the Villa Straylight

We'll post a more complete update soon, but the bathroom tile is going in and the porches are being framed up.

Fun stuff.

Week 7 - Building the Villa Straylight

It's been an incredibly busy January, so it's been two weeks since we last visited the site.  In the mean time;
The septic has finally been finished. 
The radiant heat is still radiating gloriously.
The cork floor has been delivered (not installed).
The ikea kitchen has been delivered (not installed).
The first floor bathroom was just leveled and the floor tiled.
The basement has been sheet rocked.
The back-up heat system (a long story) has been installed and ventilation run around the basement perimeter (see photos below).

And at long last, the siding has been completed.  It looks great.  The vertical tongue-in-groove rough cedar planks were all stained in the basement and dried before going up on the house.

End of Week 4 - Building the Villa Straylight

Take a look at the slideshow below.  The window returns are finished, they look fantastic.  We're really happy we kept fighting for that (yes there was some resistance).


This weekend we went over interior and exterior stain with Andy and Alissa. It's going to be the Cordovan semi-solid.


You can see the deck pier moldings poking out of the snow.  Those haven't been poured yet. It's been a bit cold. Hopefully in the next week.  All the utilities are finally hooked up, but despite the septic field having been prepped 4 months ago, it still isn't complete.  So the water isn't hooked up yet.  Hopefully the septic goes in this week as well. 

End of Week 1 - Building the Villa Straylight

fireplace.jpgAndy and the crew tackled some interior work for the first week.  Framing out the walls in the basement, and tackling the light scoop interior. The only heat source currently in the house is the wood burning stove.

The pipes you see in the opening beside the foundation are our Geothermal temperature regulating system. It's sort of a homemade system that Walt recommended. The system consists of an intake and outflow pipes in the basement (second picture below). These openings feed a series of buried pvc pipes which condition the air by regulating it to the ground temperature, a very stable 50 - 60 degrees year-round. We'll post an update when we've had a chance to use it.



Box Set Movie - Building the Villa Straylight

Episode 2
Straylight Short Film Series
TRT 6:44

Music: Mogwai "Ratts of the Capital" from the album Happy Songs for Happy People.

A House is Born - Building the Villa Straylight

On Friday 4 December 2009, the Villa Straylight was delivered.  Not without a few hiccups (I'll elaborate later) but now a house exists.

Here's a raw time lapse video of the house being set, I'm choosing my favorite audio track, the rock mashup, I also made a Dub version and a Classical version for your enjoyment.

This time-lapse was shot on a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, using an intervalometer shooting one frame every 5 seconds. We started shooting at 8:30a - 4:45pm. The original material is 1936 x 1288. This was crunched to 726 x 483, using h264 codec out of FCP.

The house was on three trailers. 1 @ 14' x 36', 1 @ 12' x 36' and one with the light scoop and parapet walls to be finished on site. You can see the crane stack the trailers as each one is finshed.


Also, here's a 150 still images, unedited, as a flickr slideshow.

The two halves of the house were delivered today, to be set on the foundation tomorrow.