We just booked a flight to Copenhagen for a quick weekend getaway this August! This isn't our first trip (the photo above is from our last visit in 2005), but we are ready to go back and explore some more.

We are doing a little bit of research in advance, gathering some recommendations from friends and trusted sources.

We also are going to bring a copy of the moleskine copenhagen notebook to make an old fashioned travel log. The book opens with the Aldous Huxley quote: "For every traveller who has any taste of his own, the only useful guidebook will be the one which he himself has written." And in past trips we have found that you look a lot less like a lost tourist when you bust out an innocuous little moleskine to consult a map (they have great ones) than a nerdy lonely planet.


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Flight #1
Wednesday 8/26/09
Newark (EWR) to Copenhagen (CPH)
5:30 pm - 7:35 am Continental 122

Flight #2
Sunday 8/30/09
Copenhagen (CPH) to London (LHR)
10:55 am - 11:55 am British Airways 813
London (LHR) to Newark (EWR)
4:00 pm - 7:25 pm Continental 19

Airport to Josh's by train

Hareskov train station to Josh's house
Skandrups Alle 31a

Airport to Downtown
Metro to: Kongens Nytorv
google map: http://bit.ly/ICoF4

Train to: Main station (Hovedbanegården)
google map: http://bit.ly/ORuoX

We snapped pictures of some great signage.

Signage in the meatpacking district. (Inco)

Signage in the meatpacking district. (Fish)

Signage in the meatpacking district. (Fkød)

Signage in the meatpacking district. (Pissor)

Signage in the meatpacking district. (Eggers)

Signage in the meatpacking district. (Ferdinand)

We wandered around Kødbyen (the meatpacking dist) for a while in a jetlag daze. After finding ourselves lost in a gigantic wholesale grocery store we made our around for food.

Day one found us in Kødbyen @ Paté Paté for lunch.


Delicious and healthy lunch at Paté Paté.
Ornate chair at Paté Paté.Coke at Paté Paté.

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Cool Color Organization on their book collection.


And we ate some Cuban Toast


And yes, you can do your laundry there as well.





Shopping for Antiques

Shopping for Antiques 2

Stopped by Marimekko, for a quick review of all things big flower and Finnish.

Deceptive reflection at the Marimekko store.

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Agnes and a Mini

Zakarias Scopes a mini

Agnes Shopping for Chorizo and Shrimp

Zach cooks chorizo and shrimp

Josh and Agnes drove us to the airport.

Josh and Agnes